Posted by: amartinmhc | September 9, 2010

Posting on this blog

Here are some basic instructions for creating a new post on the blog. Once you are logged into WordPress, you will see a drop down menu titled “My Blogs” in the upper left corner. Using this, go to the dashboard for “Victorian Visual Culture.” On the right side of the dashboard, you will see a box called QuickPress as well as a dropdown menu above it titled “New Post.” You can use either of these to write and publish a new post. You are able to insert links, images, and videos into your post if you wish. I have registered all of you as users who are “Authors” which means that you can post, edit and delete your own contributions and comments on the blog.

On the upper left corner, there is also a dropdown menu titled “My Account,” and one choice is “Get Support.” That link will take you to all kinds of helpful information about using WordPress.

Have fun!

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