Posted by: ellis22s | October 16, 2010

Picturing Empire

What I found interesting about this piece was the description of people’s reluctance to be photograph as well as the Victorian’s obsession with photographing people of different races due to their belief that their race would soon die out in the face of British expansion. I believe this articles links back to what we discussed last class and for Bleak House in regards to the power of the photograph. By posing for their new rulers’ it raises questions from the viewers about the role these play in a colonial society. Moreover, like Bleak House it emphasises the fact that when you pose for a picture you’re given away your power as people can interpret it any way they want. This is most apparent in this piece as these photographs were used to emphasise Britain’s strength. Moreover, it’s interesting to find out the different fears about photography especially in modern society we no longer have qualms about being photograph or seem to think about the power we give people through access to our images.

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