Posted by: melissayang | November 5, 2010

steampunk exhibit

Since the topic came up briefly in the blog a while back, I thought this might be of interest — apparently there’s a temporary exhibit on steampunk running through May 2011 at the Charles River Museum in Waltham, MA. According to the website,

The Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation is the first museum in the country to feature an exhibit solely dedicated to the steampunk movement.  Steampunk, Form & Function offers an informational and interactive look into the world of steampunk and all that it encompasses including, fashion, literature, entertainment and much more.   On display visitors will find modern Victorian clocks, a spinning wheel that generates power, GPS and iPods devices with gears and gages, and a computerized carriage.  They can play a game of interactive pinball and use Victorian computer stations to discover the origins of this technological Victorian world.

It’s just $3 for student admission, and looks like it could be fun!

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