Posted by: emmadamato | November 17, 2010

Cameron and Lange

While looking at Cameron’s work I could not help but think of another female photographer Dorothea Lange. Lange was a FSA photographer and is most famous for her photos of families in the dust bowl. It was interesting to me how similar their final protects were when their projects were so different. How can the agenda of a photographers be so different and the results so similar. Am I projecting to much of my agenda as a viewer? Does the fact that they are both women have anything to do with it? Does anyone else even see the similarities? I spent so much time finding images I lost all I had to say in the search


  1. I absolutely see the similarities in these photographs. First a foremost, both photographers capture images of mother and child/children. There is also this focus on the mother’s face. I don’t as much notice the children as the mother in all of these photographs. The mother is sometimes seen(or maybe this is just me) as an all-knowing source of wisdom. I know I can see most of my mother’s thoughts in her face, however, not as often through her words. I realized recently that much of the communication between mother and child comes from facial expressions. Perhaps the female photographers were trying to focus on the mother as a moral compass of wisdom and knowledge and capturing their expressions/faces was their aim. For me, the mothers’ faces were the most striking.

  2. Emma, what a beautiful and appropriate comparison! I agree with both yours and Lucy’s comments.

  3. I definitely agree with Lucy’s comment that in both Lange and Cameron’s photos, the mother is the main focus as opposed to the child and she also does seem to possess an all-knowing source of wisdom. However, I think that there is one important contrast. Cameron’s photos are ethereal while Lange’s photos are more earthly, and depict real, dirty people, toughened by their conditions.

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