Posted by: fulto20e | December 1, 2010

Alice in Pop Culture: iPad edition

I was reading an article in The New York Times Arts section on the lack of good applications for the Apple iPad. I don’t have one, but as a Mac enthusiast, I’ve been curious about the iPad. I suppose I should clarify and say that “good applications” here means the lack of creativity that companies, specifically those that publish books and magazines, are not taking advantage of the iPad’s features. Read the article here:

Design: On an Innovative Device, Apps Lacking Imagination

With so much going for them, why, eight months after the iPad’s release, are the designs of so many magazine and book apps so boring?

While reading this article (seemingly unrelated to Victorian Visual Culture) I was surprised to see that one of the few book to iPad conversions was a version of Alice in Wonderland. The author praises this interactive story available in an app called “Alice for the iPad.” (The full version is $8.99, with a “Lite” version for free.)

Here are some screenshots of the gorgeous illustrations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love how Lewis Carroll’s story has been re-imagined in such a gorgeous way for this technology based society.

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