Posted by: neroli36 | November 28, 2011

Victorian Literature in Webcomics

Although this is not 100% related to Victorian literature and visual culture, what I am about to introduce does involve some Victorian literature and is definitely visual. Hark! a vagrant is one of my favorite webcomics. If you enjoy this kind of humor and have some time on your hands, I recommend checking it out! As you will see in the 3 examples I’ve posted below, the author, Kate Beaton, frequently makes fun of literary characters and historical figures.

Titled Dude Watchin’ with the Brontes. This comic makes fun of Anne Bronte (the slightly less popular author out of the Bronte sisters) and her taste in men.

In the Case of Two Watsons, Beaton makes fun of the more modern version of Watson as a bumbling sidekick instead of the original intelligent, curious doctor and Holmes’ confidant.

Happy Victoria Day discusses some of the more intimate aspects of Victoria and Albert’s relationship. You can follow the link to view the sex jokes.

Hope you enjoyed the comics!

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