Posted by: neroli36 | December 2, 2011

Inspired by Alice #2

In 1969, Salvador Dali created 12 heliogravures and 1 etching depicting different scenes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. These images were then published as a book with the original Alice in Wonderland text. I’ve posted my three favorites from the collection below. You can view the rest of the pictures via this link.

Down the Rabbit Hole:

The Pool of Tears:

Mad Tea Party (in which you can see Dali’s iconic melted clock):

Dali also created a bronze sculpture of Alice in 1977, about 5 meters high titled “Alice in Wonderland”. It is similar to his earlier illustrations of Alice as a girl with a jump rope over her head in mid-jump, but the sculpture has roses in place of hair and hands. It is currently on display in London.


  1. I haven’t seen this work by Dali before. It is incredible!

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