Posted by: oliviajane16 | December 15, 2011

Temporality Meets YouTube

Perhaps my favorite thing that we’ve discussed this semester is the issue of temporality. I love the idea of photography and portraits being used to preserve a moment that would otherwise die instantaneously. What I loved about Dorian Grey was the challenge it posed to this temporality and immortality of the moment. In order for time to move on the moment must die, but what happens when the moment is simultaneously immortalized through portraiture or photographs? There’s definitely something to be said for how we chose (or maybe don’t chose) to immortalize ourselves through this medium and I think it’s interesting to see how temporality is being manipulated in mixed mediums today. Someone mentioned (I think it was Wendy) the portraits in the Harry Potter movies and the fact that they can move and interact with living subjects but they can never age. Here’s a short clip of one moving portrait:


Also, there’s a cool trend developing on YouTube of people taking a picture every day for an extended period of time and then compiling them together in a video to show long term development and growth. If you do a search along the lines of “photo every day” or really anything to do with time lapse photography you’ll find some really cool submissions. I think this one is especially interesting as it covers a child’s life from birth to 10 years old:

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