Posted by: millyc13 | December 18, 2011

Alice in Japan

In Harajuku, Japan, one can see all kinds of high fashion in the streets. One of the many fashion crazes in Japan with teenagers and young women right now is called Lolita. This style is characterized by Victorian-era clothing (think petticoats, corsets, bonnetts, lace gloves and stockings) and often a head full of curls. The three main branches of Lolita are Gothic, Sweet, and Classic. The Sweet Lolita style evokes childlike innocence through the use of items associated with young girls: hair ribbons, stuffed animals, etc. It’s not suprising then that many followers of the Sweet Lolita persuasion cite Alice as their main style inspiration. The large hair bow is a favorite, and is called an Alice bow.

A classic example of an Alice-inspired Lolita style

More images and information on Alice Lolita can be found here.

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