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Bleak House’s locations

Bleak House’s locations – in pictures

As I read Dickin’s “Bleak House”, I found myself having a difficult time imagining what it would look like. Envisioning a dreary-gothic style of architecture due to the name “Bleak”, I was pleasantly surprised upon discovering this article that the actual pictures of the model of the house were more pleasant to their appearance than I imagined. These pictures gave me a more accurate sense of the setting, and were also helpful since I am more of a visual learner.

According to article, “The locations in Bleak House act almost as characters in their own right. They convey emotion, mood, atmosophere – and tell us a great deal about the personalities of those that inhabit them. Dickens let reality feed his imagination and it’s still possible to see many of the places that inspired him”

Dickens places: Jewellery shops on Hatton Garden
Hatton Garden
“Now the home of jewellery shops and media types, in Bleak House Hatton Wall was an undesirable neighbourhood – the place the Jellybys retreat to after their bankruptcy”:
“As soon as her papa had tranquillized his mind by becoming this shorn lamb, and they had removed to a furnished lodging in Hatton Garden (where I found the children, when I afterwards went there, cutting the horse hair out of the seats of the chairs and choking themselves with it), Caddy had brought about a meeting between him and old Mr Turveydrop; and poor Mr Jellyby, being very humble and meek, had deferred to Mr Turveydrop’s deportment so submissively that they had become excellent friends.”Photograph: Linda Nylind for The Guardian
  • Dickens places: Jewellery shops on Hatton Garden
  • Dickens places: Tom all alone's
  • Dickens places: An Old Entrance to Lincoln's Inn Fields
  • Dickens places: Charles Dickens, Bleak House, Broadstairs, Kent.
  • Dickens places: Commuters leaving Chancery Lane underground station
  • Dickens places: Rockingham Castle, Leicestershire, Britain - Oct 2006



  1. I enjoyed viewing these pictures, especially Bleak House. It gives me a visual while I am reading.

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