Posted by: cotem3sons | September 28, 2012

Speaking of Victorian Daguerreotypes

Since we have been focusing on Victorian portraiture and daguerreotypes, I thought I would take this opportunity to remind everyone that right next door to MHC is the Emily Dickinson Museum. Inside, there are some family portraits in the living room that are fascinating to see in person. Also, right outside of Emily Dickinson’s bedroom is a sample of a dress that Emily Dickinson would have worn. These are just some of the many interesting features at the museum. I studied “Emily Dickinson in Her Times” with Professor Martha Ackmann during my first semester at MHC in 2010, so I know a bit about the museum and the Evergreens next door which are both a must-see! Although this does not directly relate to what we are currently reading, I thought it would relate to Chapter 1 of “The Burden of Representation”. Emily Dickinson is also relevant, since she existed during the same time as Charles Dickins and A. Conan Doyle. I think the Dickinson Homestead would be a great field trip (hint..hint)


  1. I enjoyed visiting the Emily Dickinson Museum, especially the house next door with its peeling paint and plaster supports. There is just something about old houses…the house I live in is an 1830’s post and beam and I love every inch and floorboard.

  2. I am taking this class right now! This weekend there is a special event going on, “The Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon.” Here is more info:

  3. I love the Evergreens! I

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