Posted by: thedawsonrewatch | October 30, 2012

Attempted Fenian Invasion of Canada!!


This sign post appears in Sheldon Vermont, my home town. For years I drove by this sign and despite a brief period of time in the 90’s when it always made me giggle because I imagined Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World” attempting to invade Canada, I never thought much about it until now. 

As the image says, in 1866 and 1870 a large group of Fenians determined to liberate Canada from British control in an effort to establish a free Irish Republic. Various sources report the size of this group as between several hundred and 3,500! Considering that the population of Sheldon is currently hovering around 2,000 you can imagine what a sight this must have been in 1866!  

Alas, after getting only several miles over the border the group was turned back by U.S. and Canadian forces. Not to be deterred, the group tried again in 1870 but they were again unsuccessful. 

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