Posted by: thedawsonrewatch | December 1, 2012

Neat Portraiture Blog

Neat Portraiture Blog

Hey all,

I just wanted to share this really great blog with you. Described as “Where early photography meets extreme hotness” My Daguerreotype Boyfriend has a huge variety of images. Although it is, on the surface just a fun website, a lot of what we have been discussing in our course about race, class, and portraiture is evident in the  images. These images also represent a huge span of time so it is possible to see some of the changing techniques in portraiture as well.

Check out this jaunty fellow:



  1. I find it interesting that we have been talking about the male gaze, even calling it creepy and we are now gazing at nice looking Victorian men!

  2. A former student just sent me this link on Facebook. Incredible and hysterical.

  3. Laura you are so right! I was thinking about putting a disclaimer that it was heteronormative viewing only! Maybe we should start a sexy Victorian lady blog!

  4. I found this site a while ago and saw a post on it about problems the blog was having with people photoshopping the original images to make the men more attractive, or just different-looking. I thought this was interesting, since it brings up ideas about authenticity of the images (as Benjamin would say, the “aura” is preserved since the process doesn’t allow for duplicates).

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