Posted by: emmadamato | October 6, 2010


I really loved Chaudhary’s article. One of the things that stuck out to me was the section Colonial Techno-aesthetics. In my notes on page 94 I wrote the genius side bar comment- “boys would love this” next to the quote: “the worker inhabits the temporality of hell- in Benjamin’s view, ‘the province of those who are not allowed to complete anything they have started’”. I am sure any gender(ed) comment I could make will offended someone, maybe even myself, so please accept a broad statement of apology in advance. Time is a very gendered thing, especially in relation to labor. What time is important, what time is valued all plays into gender roles. The work of the home is not on par with work outside of it- and we all know who’s doing what. Women are traditionally working without the factory clock. The women who are working with the factory clocked are almost classed out of their gender- like a big poor trump card. Is women’s detachment from this time the root of gender based ethical differences? Perhaps it is not hormones but the clock that changes men and women’s perspective on the world. Men’s connection with time contributes to their sense of importance. Women on the other hand are disjointed from this mechanicalism and are forced back into their body insisting that they are more connected with their “synaesthetic system”. Women are not more sensitive, they are less numb- forced to feel more pain. Going back to the original quote, men are the only ones who would really be bothered not to see an object at the send of the labor. Men view progress differently- they plant a seed they want to see it grow. Women are the earth, waiting is their occupation.



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