Posted by: emmadamato | October 6, 2010

p.s. cool thing about mount holyoke..

did you now that since they could to about 1960 Mount Holyoke College took a full body nude of every women entering the school. We still have all of them in sealed records. Other schools such as Yale and Princeton did the same (they have a picture of a young George Bush naked out there). It was to monitor the health of the students- or something



  1. I have always been fascinated by the Ivy League/Seven Sisters “posture photos”!! I remember reading the accounts of alum who have had photos taken – interesting how many of whom found the experience awkward, but didn’t seem to question the procedures much at all…

    Does MHC really still have them sealed in records? I thought they were destroyed for good years ago (I might have inferred this from reading things regarding other schools’ records, though)?!

  2. That’s really interesting. Makes me wonder if the practice were to be renewed how the current student population would respond. Probably not too positively, I imagine.

  3. I took a drawing class here sophomore year and we had a nude model come in. Our teacher told us that years ago the ‘nude’ assignment did not consist of drawing a model in class but rather of looking in the mirror naked and drawing yourself or taking a nude photo of yourself and drawing it. I thought that seemed a little out there.

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